الباحث صالح السحيباني

باحث في الطب البديل وعلم الأبدان


People infected with the following should get it treated before starting the Diet. Taking into consideration that the
patient should expose himself/herself to the sun light in early morning or in late afternoon
1-Abdominal coolness (I didn‘t find an alternative to this word.. what their theory (the researchers) is that the stomach becomes weak and can’t digest food and send it to the intestines properly. because of a cold that entered the body and affected the nerves in the stomach which weakened it’s movement and it’s digestion.. they say that it’s very common but nobody diagnosis it properly..cause doctors have another view point in the diagnosis..they say that the nearest diagnosis to it in Conventional medicine might be the concentration of gastric acid . I will include the diagnosis of this condition at the end )
Adrenal gland insufficiency -3

Importance of dental health in chronic diseases:
Recurrence of tooth abscesses and cavities is a clear sign of nerve weakness
so it must be completely treated at the start of the diet because of their close connection with the main nerves responsible
for the distribution of electrical energy in the body.
Cleaning the digestive system:
In the first week, drink Senna ( Cassia Angustifolia ) with mint leaves on Empty stomach for 3 consecutive days If the there is no bowels movement from first day. Drink plenty of water during the each day.
How to make: pour boiled water on Senna and leave it for fifteen minutes with mint leaves. And drink at dawn. The patient should walk for ten minutes after having the drink.
Vomiting and diarrhea may take place so the patient shouldn’t be worried
Amount: One large spoon of Senna for every 50 Kg of the person’s weight.
After drinking the liquid, you shouldn’t eat and should rest for two hours.
after the first hour you should start drinking water (preferably zamzam water)and continue to do so through out the day
you should apply Vaseline to the anal area to prevent inflammation and sensitivity

Reducing Oxidative Stress:

Oxidative stress appears when the cell’s metabolism cycle is not complete resulting in many harmful things of which the increase of the Hydrogen peroxide in the pigment-less areas. It was found that eating the peel of citrus fruits reduces infections that cause oxidative stress, reduces bad cholesterol and triglycerides and helps loosing weight. Examples of citrus fruit’s peel are citron and orange peel especially the white part of the peel. Therefore, it is recommended to have one orange peel daily before main meals( lunch and diner)

Blood circulation and Minerals:
Preparing Parley water: wash one pack of parley with cold water and salt. Put the pack into a stainless steel pot and pour one and a half bottled water on it and bring it to a boil. cool and then refrigerate and drink through out the day. In the fourth day start drinking a full cup of it before starting your exercise and continue to do so for 3 weeks.
Exercising program to Spread Energy to all Body Parts:
Imbalance of energy in the body is one of the main causes of chronic diseases especially immunity related ones.
Patient must run in a warm place for ten minutes in order to perspire- especially in the affected areas- and eliminate toxins from the body
Patient must avoid exposure to cold air especially the face, hands , and feet. He should also avoid drinking cold water.
To get vitamin D and stimulate pigment cells patient should be exposed to sun light early in the morning or at evening preferably after having garlic with meals to increase the skin’s sensitivity to sun light. Exposure time should be at least 7 minutes a day.
Breathing to restore electrical balance:
In all breathing exercises the first step is to collect saliva in the mouth and then breathe
first exercise:
start with inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth for a period of
15 to 20 minutes ..take your time and relax in both inspiration and expiration processes
second exercise:
lie on your back and raise your shoulders over your head’s level. Then start breathing by inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth at the same rate while visualizing the air going to your heart until you feel prickles or coolness in the heart after 2 to 3 minutes.
At the start you might encounter some symptoms like dizziness , being enable to talk for seconds, sluggishness , and mouth dryness .These symptoms indicate electrical imbalance in the body.

There is no doubt that exercising and breathing correctly are of the most important ways that
help restore electrical and psychological balance which relieves stress and eliminate illness.
As Muslims ,we are blessed for we carry out those exercises without knowing while reading Qur’an
and while praying in the prostration position which gives the person a greater ability to breathe properly especially when prolonged and combined with concentration and devotion
which provides comfort.
In addition, it is advised that the patient performs ablution for it’s known effects on physical and
psychological health. all of these things put together in addition to praying to God to heal
you, will insure your recovery.
Second: The Daily Program
(Avoid sleeping late and sleep before 11pm ( avoid sleeping on your abdomen-
-Eat a pack of parsley with all meals taking your time in chewing to enable a certain bacteria in the mouth to convert vitamin K1 to K2 which is important to activate the parathyroid glands responsible for a more balanced distribution of calcium in the body.
-From experimenting we noticed that the more the patients avoids sugary foods the bigger and faster the chance of recovery is.
-You should eat butter and natural sea salt for breakfast which should take place between a quarter of an hour before Al-fajir prayer and 7 am
Lunch time is from after Aduhur prayer and till before Alassar prayer-
Dinner time starts from after Al-maghrib prayer and lasts till 10 pm-
-Try to avoid sugary foods in breakfast and dinner. During the day you can have honey and organic sugar(stevia) with healthy fats such as butter and ghee ( like sham desserts e.g. Basboosah) in moderation.
-Changes in digestion have been noted, which sometimes cause sluggishness and headaches
-Drink a lot of non-refrigerated water to fight constipation (8 cups in summer 4 in winter)
-When bathing you shouldn’t spend a lot of time under water
-Walk and keep mobile after the sauna-
- Boil cumin seeds in a cup of water and then soak a little Marjoram (Origanum ) in it and sweeten with rock candy. Drink it twice a day once in the morning and once immediately after Al-magrib After 5 PM.
-Anyone who has benign tumors in the nick should rinse the mouth with unrefined sea or rock salt and refrain from using fluoride toothpastes until the swelling has gone thus improving the performance of the thyroid gland.
-Eat only when you are truly hungry
-Wait for two hours after meals before eating again
Eat in moderation and avoid over eating which causes glut and indigestion-
-Don’t mix a lot of food groups in one meal. Keep it to one, two, or three food groups maximum
Eat fibers rich salad with meals to help digestion and defecation-
-It is preferable to eat this home-made chili paste (green or red peppers, natural apple vinegar, turmeric, organic sugar, olive oil, and a little natural salt
to warm the stomach and improve digestion
-Refrain from using manufactured refined salt. Instead use sea salt or rock salt which is important for body balance and completion of the metabolism processes.
-In cases of hypertension avoid rock salt and only use sea salt because it’s low in sodium and 3 times as high in magnesium chloride than rock salt.
-In case you have high blood pressure ( heart palpitation, feelings of beatings in your chest, beginning of headache, and pains in the neck) you should consume unsweetened green tea three times a day.
-Eat dates with Tahina ( peeled roasted and ground sesame seeds) twice a day to maintain levels of magnesium, iron, potassium and iodine. It is also beneficial for high blood pressure, heart palpitation, chest pain and for headaches and back neck pain.

This is diet was created by Saleh AlSuhaibani and Sami Al-Thnian
two researchers in Alternative medicine..

Translated by: Mariam Abdullah

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